St. Andrew's UMC
Monday, March 02, 2015
A Friendly, Caring Church

Looking Back to Look Ahead

 January is always such a time of promise. There’s something about beginning again, isn’t there? It is a less dramatic version of moving to a new location; it’s an opportunity to reinvent oneself.

 But reinvented to what?

 My anxious self would love to be reinvented into an accomplished dancer with perfectly fluid movements and perfectly muscular legs to match.  Or perhaps I would become a singer with the voice that would rival any winner of American Idol. Or maybe I’ll become an artist with actual artistic ability. And while I’m at it, I would also throw in both the love for and the ability needed for cooking!

 Sadly, the opportunity for such reinventions and transformations left long ago, if they were ever available to me at all.

 My less anxious self has a more realistic view of both my potential and my calling. Despite my love for all of the above, I know that God called me to So if transforming myself into an accomplished ballet dancer is out of the question, what kind of reinvention can I embrace?

 Our founding father, John Wesley, called it “moving on toward Christian perfection.” Said another way, it is being molded into the mind of Christ Jesus our Lord.

 But how?  

 We need look no further than Jesus to provide a plan of action. His time was spent studying God’s word, away in prayer, cultivating friendships, worshiping in church, helping others, and confronting the things that tempted him from God.

 I won’t be transformed into the dancing-singing-artistic-cooking genius I would love to be. But with an open spirit, honest self-reflection, and devotion to the Spiritual disciplines of prayer, study, fellowship, worship, and service...I might just take one step closer to being the servant of God my soul longs to become

 See you in church~

 Pastor Juliet