St. Andrew's UMC
Saturday, September 20, 2014
A Friendly, Caring Church


 Starting Kindergarten

When my daughter was young, the thought of going to Kindergarten terrified her.
 Our conversation went something like this:

Her: Mom, my tummy is nervous about tomorrow.

 Me: I’m sorry, sweetheart. Are you afraid you won’t know where to go?

Her: No ma’am.

Me: Is it because you might not know any of the other children?

Her: No ma’am.

Me, with increased anxiety: Is it that you will be away from me?

Her, now with anxiety and frustration: No ma’am.


Me: Well, why do you think your tummy is so nervous?

Her:  Because I don’t know how to READ!


Of course, as an adult I understood that she wasn’t supposed to know how to read before Kindergarten. That’s why should was going!

And yet, one would be surprised by the adult versions of that exact conversation.

It goes something like this:

Member: Pastor Juliet, I am nervous about going to a Bible class or Sunday School class.

Me: Is it because you don’t know where to go?

Member: No. There are signs everywhere, and people in the church willing to direct me.

 Me: Is it because you won’t know others in the class?

Member: No. I am sure they will be friendly to me.

 Me: Well, do you know why you are so anxious?

 Member: It’s because I don’t already know the Bible!


It is safe to say that I DO NOT know more about the Bible than I DO know. 

 I would hate for fear to keep anyone from growing into a deeper relationship with God.
I would also hate for fear to keep anyone from falling in love with the inspiring Word of God!

 We will continue throughout September the sermon series “10 Steps to a Healthier and Happier You—as found in the Word of God.”

I hope you’ll not only attend worship, but take the courageous step to dive even deeper into a relationship with our loving Maker. 

 Prior Knowledge is not necessary—or nearly as important as you might think.

 After all...when my daughter started Kindergarten, she could just barely read!      

  See you in Sunday school, Bible study, and of course, church! 

Pastor Juliet