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Friday, July 25, 2014
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The Company of Heaven

 Easter is a time of thankfulness. We have spent 40 days doing the difficult work of preparing for Good Friday. We sat in the desert with Jesus confronting our temptations and cleansing our souls. Now, with his ultimate victory on Easter morning, we give thanks.

 Pondering the gift of Jesus Christ has led me to a “for now” conclusion. Given the many, many things for which I am grateful, for what do I give thanks the most?  


 I can think of few situations laughter will not improve.

Genesis tells us that we are made in God’s image. What does our laughter say about God? 

Until recently, I imagined my loved ones in heaven happy, basking in the glow of Jesus’ light, looking upon images too beautiful for me to comprehend. I imagined them almost passive, occasionally joining in the heavenly chorus, but otherwise fairly passive.

 Then it hit me: they must be laughing!

 God’s gift of life and of life abundant begins here. Despite the difficulties we face His constant presence, His holy embrace, and the gift of His Holy Spirit enable us not only to endure, but to be victorious. What better way to celebrate God’s generosity than to send our laughter into the very heart of heaven?

 I read recently a number of articles touting the science behind laughter and its benefits. It’s long been accepted that laughter really does have healing properties. Should we be surprised?

 I hope you’ll join me at St. Andrew’s where we’ll take Easter seriously enough to let loose all the joy we can muster. 


  See you in church, 

Pastor Juliet